Master Call Center Account Management

I have worked in the call center industry for many years. I have also worked for some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world.

If you want to be a call center master in any position, you have to make yourself known. Sell yourself. Create your brand from within the company. I’m not talking about just to your manager or your manager’s manager – create your brand to your customer and employee too. One thing to keep in mind at all times,

“The customer you’re speaking to or the employee you’re speaking to isn’t just a person that you’ve come across within your career path. They are your personal customer or your personal employee.”

As with any company you currently work for, being an advocate at all times (even when you’re at a party scene and off the clock) is imperative towards keeping a positive light about the one that supports your career and your income.

“If you go overboard, get out of the situation” 

Let’s face it. Would you own an Android phone if you currently worked for Apple? Would you have services with Verizon if you work for AT&T? Of course not – but if you do, you may want to reconsider your options. Really.

“They support you. Be respectful and do the same for them”

Mastering your current position with your employer depends on the employer themselves and the expectations required from them. But always remember to ask for feedback and always deliver constructive feedback to others.

“Caring is sharing” 

Just a few tips to keep yourself on your toes and to let your employer know that you intend to stay that way.


Gluten Free Diet

I know that there is a bunch of critics out there about people eating gluten free and not having a gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease for kicks.

I am not one of them. I’m the real deal.

In some cases Celiac Disease is accompanied by other food allergies. Like I am also allergic to corn, soy, pork, nuts and wheat on top of the gluten allergy – and people don’t understand that when I say that I cannot eat ground beef or a steak if it was not grass fed. Personally I prefer not to eat it to begin with, but I went to Universal Orlando’s Mel’s Diner for lunch because I know they have gluten free buns

The employees could not understand what Celiac Disease was along with why I can’t eat the meat or cheese they serve (they wanted to charge me full price , which is completely absurd. I’m not getting the meat or the cheese – I cant eat it.

Now, you’re probably wondering why can’t I eat it, so let me put this into simple terms. What do cows, chickens, pigs and other farm raised ‘animal for food’? Genetic modified corn, soybeans, wheat and rice products (or meal). When the animal ingests this food, what do you think is in your meat? Some people can get away with eating any kind of meat with certain food allergies, but some of us cannot.

So to be on the safe side, I avoid eating meat. I have a sensitivity that just doesn’t allow me to enjoy or digest it like a person who does not have these food allergies.

So overall, I think Universal Orlando needs to rethink how they offer their products and price points in the sense of people who can’t eat what they offer, but offer alternatives that don’t fit the bill. I mean, honestly, if I’m not eating it, I’m not paying for it.

Common Sense. I walked out an bought a fruit cup.

We Skipped the Commercial Side of Christmas….and it Made Me a Better Person

2017 was not the most forgiving year. It was also not the most profitable year, so we decided that we were going to skip the commercial side of Christmas.

This was my first attempt.

No Christmas tree decorations. No presents. No planning a family get together. No Holiday cards.

It felt weird… first.

But then I remembered how weird it felt for the first 20 years of living in Florida of having sand instead of snow, and Palm Trees instead of Douglas Firs. It was something new – not necessarily exciting, but new.

On the actual holiday is when it hit me. I don’t know if we made the right decision. It was too weird. No Turkey and Ham in the oven. No baked pies. No caramelizing sweet potatoes simmering away.  But then it suddenly felt like any other day. Sure, we were going out for Christmas dinner with a few friends later, but we didn’t have anything else planned.

The feeling of weird was still there, just a little more pronounced.

Later in the early afternoon, I was thinking about the holiday itself. The meaning of the holiday didn’t change, we just took the commercial part out of it. It was still a day of celebration with friends and family – I just wasn’t hosting it (saving $250 just on the cost of food alone was shocking).

In turn, we saved hundreds of dollars. Our to-do list and grocery list was converted to a mere $38.00 for two at a Chinese restaurant –  Iconic? I know. But this may become our new tradition.

……a new tradition……

We spend hundreds of dollars each year outside of holiday shopping on each other – and as things get more advanced in life, so does the price. As I remember it, Christmas was once a teddy bear, pair of slippers and a t-shirt. Today it’s a smartphone, a 4K television, and a new laptop.

Here is my little run down on the costs of the holidays:

Food for Hosting Christmas Dinner ($250), Gifts ($1000), Cards and Stamps to Send ($100) and Gas / Tolls ($500). This is the basic from MY normal holiday spending – without my significant other’s spending and without buying gifts for anyone outside the household. $1850.00.

When you think about a new high end smartphone costs almost $1000, it’s easy to get lost in Christmas spending…..and you probably don’t even realize it until you try to pay things off in January.

So here’s a new idea. Stop buying gifts for the holidays, since you buy them all year round for each other / yourself, or convert your gift giving around the holidays to more personalized and less expensive gifts (like a personalized gift or shirt from even a handmade gift is more personable and appreciative than anything you can buy in a store.  Donate your time to a shelter.

There is so much to think about now, isn’t there?

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That Moment When it All Makes Sense – Inner Happiness

Since I currently live in Orlando, FL., and recently celebrated my 20th year living in the Sunshine State, I take advantage of annual passes for the local theme parks. I am also within my last two courses of my Bachelors Program in college. I run two online businesses as a hobby, I try to keep up with this blog at least once a week, and I have some free time here and there.

When I am engaged in a project for school or one of my businesses, I do my best thinking and writing when I am at Universal Orlando. I don’t know what it is about the energy there, but it makes me think. I have tried sitting at Starbucks, walking in the local Mall, strolling in the park – you name it, I’ve done it. Universal is essential to making my creative juices flow – I have a ‘why?’ personality. I like to dissect things to find out what makes them work and how to make things better.

Then last week I was at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on a Wednesday and things that I’ve heard before from others, understood the mean of, suddenly became as clear as day. I don’t know if it was because it wasn’t that busy at the park that day, or if Tinkerbell found a moment to bless me with pixie dust – I had an wide open mind and something that has been taught to me for years finally made perfect sense.

“You can only control things that are within your own control, but you cannot control others situations or actions”

I then became thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I even looked at my iPhone 7 Plus and was thankful for it. I then started chanting happy thoughts in my head as blessed others walking through the park.

BAM!  I actually laughed out loud at myself in the middle of Tomorrowland for a moment and had a grin that expanded from ear to ear for the rest of the day. I’m not on medication. Do I need to be? No. I discovered the little part of me that introduces life, when happiness comes from within.

I was truly happy. Ever since that Wednesday, those little moments that I used to constantly worry about everyday just dissipated.

So thank you, God, the Universe, and every positive entity out there for showing me this wonderful feeling.

I hope you find it too.


The iPhone Model Numbers and Their Meanings

One thing that I have been paying attention to when I buy a new iPhone is the model number. I am not talking about the  differences between the iPhone 5, SE, 6, 6S, 7, 8 or X. I am speaking about the actual model number found on your device, its compatibility with your current carrier or switching to another carrier, and possibly its trade in value.

This is something I learned about two years ago, and at that moment in time, I was not aware that an iPhone that you buy from AT&T directly will not work on Verizon’s network., even if you had it successfully unlocked by AT&T. But if you buy an iPhone from Best Buy on behalf of AT&T or directly from the Apple Store, after it’s paid off you can move to any carrier you’d like.

Why does this happen?

It’s simple. The carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile) and sub carriers (Cricket, Total Wireless, Boost, etc) create a legal binding agreement with Apple in order to have the iPhone made to fit their own network, so the carrier can do two things:

1. Financial security. Make sure that you pay off your phone entirely before you’re able to move to another provider (if applicable), simply because the carrier doesn’t make money off of their phones as much as they do their monthly service fees.

2. Customer Satisfaction. They want your iPhone to work at its best on their network. It costs money to have customers call tech support for every little issue, plus they want the user to have the best experience possible.

Lets talk about the model numbers. I have an iPhone 7 Plus (yes, I always buy the previous year’s model to save money when they go on sale and a new iPhone is released), I will compare the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.  I am only going to cover the carrier. If you want Bandwith  specific information, please go to or your carriers website.

This information can be found under Settings -> General -> About -> Model number -> tap on the longer model number to reveal the short version as seen below:

iPhone 7: A1660 Global Phone (carrier unlocked), can be used on GSM (AT&T / T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint / Verizon)

iPhone 7: A1778 Global GSM (Full service capability on AT&T / T-Mobile only), model typically sold directly from AT&T and T-Mobile Stores or online from their website. You can use voice services with Verizon and Sprint, but you will only have data services through AT&T / T-Mobile.

iPhone 7: A1779 Japanese Global version (difference is a the ability to use Apple Pay in Japan), covers GSM and CDMA networks.

iPhone 7 Plus: A1661 Global Phone (Carrier unlocked), can be used on GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint, and Verizon)

iPhone 7 Plus: A1784 Global GSM (Full service capability on AT&T / T-Mobile only), sold directly from AT&T and T-Mobile stores on direct from their website. You can still use voice services over Verizon and Sprint, but you will not have data services on these networks.

iPhone 7 Plus: A1785 Japanese Global version (Apple pay capable in Japan), covers GSM and CDMA networks.

So there you have it. Now you know what you’re getting when you shop online on eBay and Amazon or if you’re looking to buy an iPhone directly from Apple, your existing carrier or a reseller (like Best Buy). Based on my personal experiences with reselling my old phone, if you have one that is unlocked for GSM and CDMA carriers, you usually get a bit more for the iPhone. Some resellers may charge you a small difference in pricing compared to your carrier, but you’re getting the most for your money when it comes to reselling it yourself or avoid a huge headache if you want to switch carriers.

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