That Moment When it All Makes Sense – Inner Happiness

Since I currently live in Orlando, FL., and recently celebrated my 20th year living in the Sunshine State, I take advantage of annual passes for the local theme parks. I am also within my last two courses of my Bachelors Program in college. I run two online businesses as a hobby, I try to keep up with this blog at least once a week, and I have some free time here and there.

When I am engaged in a project for school or one of my businesses, I do my best thinking and writing when I am at Universal Orlando. I don’t know what it is about the energy there, but it makes me think. I have tried sitting at Starbucks, walking in the local Mall, strolling in the park – you name it, I’ve done it. Universal is essential to making my creative juices flow – I have a ‘why?’ personality. I like to dissect things to find out what makes them work and how to make things better.

Then last week I was at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on a Wednesday and things that I’ve heard before from others, understood the mean of, suddenly became as clear as day. I don’t know if it was because it wasn’t that busy at the park that day, or if Tinkerbell found a moment to bless me with pixie dust – I had an wide open mind and something that has been taught to me for years finally made perfect sense.

“You can only control things that are within your own control, but you cannot control others situations or actions”

I then became thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I even looked at my iPhone 7 Plus and was thankful for it. I then started chanting happy thoughts in my head as blessed others walking through the park.

BAM!  I actually laughed out loud at myself in the middle of Tomorrowland for a moment and had a grin that expanded from ear to ear for the rest of the day. I’m not on medication. Do I need to be? No. I discovered the little part of me that introduces life, when happiness comes from within.

I was truly happy. Ever since that Wednesday, those little moments that I used to constantly worry about everyday just dissipated.

So thank you, God, the Universe, and every positive entity out there for showing me this wonderful feeling.

I hope you find it too.


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